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What We Do


  • Evaluations give you and us a better understanding of your concerns and what your goals are. Sometimes evaluations involve only an interview with the client alone or with other people who know the client well, such as family or others who can provide background information. Sometimes evaluations involve tests that are administered by the clinician or completed by the client.

Specialized Evaluations

  • Testing and recommendations for interventions for learning disabilities, developmental delays, behavioral, or emotional problems.
  • Consultations for child related matters.
  • Psychiatric evaluations and consultations to determine the need for medication as a treatment option.


  • After your goals, concerns, and current resources are identified, we will provide specific interventions. A psychiatrist is available to identify any medications that would be helpful. The psychologist can help you change upsetting thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are interfering with your goals or those of a family member.

Professional Case Consultation & Training

  • Case consultations can be one time calls or ongoing for an individual or an office.
  • Training and workshops are available to professionals on a wide variety of topics, including: How to Work with Difficult Children from Foster Care or Adoption Backgrounds, Treating Sleep Behavior Disorders, Parent Training, Successful Methods of Working with Difficult Children, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Suffering in Silence, Risk & Resiliences in Young Children: Feel OK About those Tough Cases.
  • Other topics available.

Open Workshops

  • Open Workshops are available to the general public, and include:

Parenting Difficult Children: Preschoolers, Elementary Age, or Teenagers Understand some of the causes of difficult behavior. Learn effective techniques to change behavior and to live more happily with your child(ren).

A Home Treatment Program for Very Disturbed Children One step away from hospitalization for self-injurious behaviors and suicidal statements.

Controlling Your Anxiety Before It Controls You Understand what causes worry and anxiety. Learn current research based techniques to weaken and dissolve the hold it can have on your life.

Raising an Optimistic Child Learn how to teach your child healthy responses and coping skills.

Learned Optimism (for adults) Learn how to recognize signs of negative thinking and how it affects your mood and the choices you make.

Other topics are available.